Once Limited Liability Company or corporation is formed, any amendments in the articles of the company are carried out by shareholder vote.

Articles of Incorporation:

Articles of incorporation is the documents containing all the rules and regulation, corporation has to abide by. These Articles of Incorporation are submitted along with the incorporation submission process.

Articles of Organization:

Articles of organization is a similar document like Article of Incorporation but it relates to Limited Liability Company instead. This document is also submitted while company formation process.

Purpose of Articles of Amendment:

  • Major purpose of articles of amendment is to make a change in the articles of incorporation or articles of organization.
  • Company can change their main course of operation by making a change their article of incorporation or articles of organization
  • Name of the company can be changed using articles of amendment.
  • Articles of amendments can be used to make any significant structural changes in the company.
  • Registered agent can be changed through articles of amendments.
  • If shareholders want to change the business address of the company or corporation, articles of amendment is the way.


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