Branding a Business according to the cultural norms of the new market can be a defining moment for any business. Often while entering in a new market, business has an option to rebrand their business according to the likes of the customer. This helps the business to be more likeable by the customer and eventually increasing the brand acceptability in the market.

Fictitious name or Doing business as names can be used to start a product or serious with a different name. This name has to be registered with the relevant regulatory authority in United States of America.

Benefits of “Doing business as” Name:

  • Businesses can customize their marketability according to the cultural requirements of the country. Market are differentiated based on their religious affiliations, culture, customer preferences etc. Each market has a unique set of requirements for the business products and services to be accepted. Fictitious names can be beneficial for the companies planning to operate in several product markets at the same time. This generates customer acceptance and avoids customer drifting away because of non-relatable nature.
  • Flexibility DBA names can provide a business is phenomenal, rather than using registering several companies with different names, businesses can use Doing business as names for various markets.
  • Businesses interested in operating a separate product line without risky their already present business name can use this service to use a fictitious name. Because multiple projects which could be harmful for an already established brands can use this service to protect their privacy.

Why WeAccountax:

Registering for a fictitious name can be hectic routine. Long procedural documentation and legal work can burdensome the business owners planning to get a DBA to start their business. Furthermore it require periodic maintenance in order for the company to retain their Doing Business As name.

  • WeAccountax has an expert team of Chartered Public Accountants trained to understand the business nature and advise suitable fictitious name for the company. This is the first step forward, if a company is successful in determining the ideal DBA, this will help the business in long term growth.
  • WeAccountax can remind the business that their renewal of the fictitious name helping business to avoid any unfavorable circumstances in the future
  • Our quick DBA registration service can help the business get started with minimum time possible
  • Our other services can further add value in to the business. Starting from company registration to taxation services to accountancy packages. WeAccountax is an all in one professional service provider.
  • Our Team of Experts are constantly being updated about the changing in legislative laws and by-laws being updated about doing business as name. We can provide most updated consultancy to our client and ensure they meet the present criteria this time every time.