Financial service constitutes of a significant share of United States of America GDP. It contributes vastly in overall job creation. A strong financial service sector has positive impact on entire economy as it helps other business sectors to flourish as well by value addition of financial advisory and services. As in generally financial service sector is a service organization, not contributing to investment directly. But a stronger financial service attracts investments for other business sectors. A strengthened financial service ensures value additions in other sectors of the economy.

Bifurcation of Financial Service Industry:


Banking sector contributes majorly in financial service industry. Strong ties in corporate and retail sector makes it the most stability factor for the economy. Importance of banking sector can be estimated by the fact, almost all great depressions in economic history are related with the downfall of financial institutions.

Asset management:

Asset management are the firms which provide their members a consistent and stable returns. Companies hold a well-balanced and calculated portfolio of investment, which enables the company to deliver consistent returns to their investors.

Strengthened asset management sector attracts investments from worldwide. Often Investors from around the globe safe keep their investment.


Insurance companies charge premium for risk transfer. Risk management has become one of the biggest need of business community.

Capital / Investment Banking:

Capital and investment banking are core functions of financial sector. As far as financial transactions of businesses are concerns such as mergers, acquisitions, listing, these companies provide the strongest outlook to the business related economy. Better sector results in clearer value addition.

Overall Importance of Financial Services Sector:

Financial services are considered as a backbone of any economy. They support other sections of the economy in their respective businesses. This aspect makes them as one of the most important sectors of the any economy.

Risk involvement in financial sector is considered as the most difficult aspect of this industry. If internal controls and processes are no in place properly, there are high chances of material losses which could result in closure of the business. Risk assessment involved in financial service providers, results the economy to transfer their major issues to these companies and be dealt by professionals services. It hedges the overall economy against the major risks available in the economy.

Deep entrenchment of financial sector with other aspects of the economy makes it the vulnerable point of any economy. Dominos impact can have long lasting impact on economies.


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