Health care sector is one of the most talked about sector in the United States of America. Health care problems being faced by the American and multiple governments and policy makers failing to find a suitable solution is what makes it one of the most popular sector on the news. Generally, in developed countries the cost of providing health care is far below the cost of health care in America.

Problems in American Health Care:

  • Overuse or over health care providing to the patient not in need of that particular care. When resources in an organization are not properly being utilized to the cause which actually requires it, the cost of wastage is often passed on. Resulting the overall cost of providing health increasing.
  • No track on effectiveness of the medical treatments. Since this practice causes non effective medical treatment to still be continued in the health care resulting in waste of resources. It is ignoring the need of research and development to replace the non-effective medical treatments.
  • Long waiting time often causes the situation to Deteriorate. Eventually incurring more cost on a patient. If the problem is treated in the earliest and prevention stages, this would help the health expenses to fall massively.
  • No price control of drugs is probably another reason why the cost of providing the health care is continuously increasing.

Political Aspect:

Even in terms of medical insurance, there was a huge chuck of population being uninsured. After affordable care act was introduced by democrats, the number of uninsured individuals were reduced. Uninsured individual are often a cost bore by the tax payers. After recent elections in United States of America, GOP is planning to replace Obama care with a better health care plan for the solutions to the current problems.

Trump is planning to terminate Obama care, resulting millions of American without insurance. Trump plans to introduce private insurance plans with lower deductibles and premiums. As cost of insurance will decline, when more competition will be introduced and demand and supply for private insurance will increase. Obama care seems to be a great cost on the pocket of the tax payer.

When the insurance will be privatized, their concerns with maximum profits will help the health sector to reduce wastages and reduce the overall cost. There will be a significant increase in uninsured citizens. Which would be a problem but once the burden of health care will be upon the individual himself, they will try to minimize the unnecessary wastages and cares.


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