Entertain and leisure industry is one of the most affected sectors of the economy and required accounting services for leisure and entertainments. Its direct relationship with disposable income of the individual makes it one of the most vulnerable sectors of economy. Aftereffects of recent recession are still visible in 2017. Slow growth and low stimulus despite easing policy of fed is what shatters the consumer confidence the most.

Steady Job Creation:

Yet growth is slow, but there has been a significant increase in the job addition in the economy. Steady decline in unemployment rate enables inhabits to spend their income to entertainment and related luxuries.

Unemployment rate exhibits are strong criteria to measure disposable income become because the more earning individuals in a house will eventually result in a higher overall domestic disposable income. For instance, if one individual is earning $5,000 after managing his house hold, he will end up having $1,000 as his disposable income. If 3 individuals of a house are earning $4,000 each, after sharing their household expenses they will eventually have $700 disposable income each. Eventually they are more likely to spend on entertainment sector of the economy.

Crime Rate:

Crime rate has always been linked with economic conditions and self-awareness. In better economic condition, crime rates are expected to fall, because psychologically if a person can earn his living well, he will be less likely to turn to criminal ways to survive.

As the economic situation is improving, it is expected that crime rate will significantly decrease. Once the crime rate is significantly decreased, sense of self safety is prevailed within the country. Once the citizen of a particular country feels safe they are more likely to exit their homes to relish the luxuries of entertainment being provided outside.

Overall safety to be able to move within a country can attract tourism globally. Tourist top priority after pleasure of tourism is the safety of the country. Reaching home safe back is an important aspect. As the crime rate falls, the improvement in environment is inevitable and it causing a hike in tourism.

External Stimulus:

When tourists from all over the world will be attracted to United States of America, this will massively improve the economic growth by creating internal demand. International tourism is important because it helps the country by injecting stimuli from the outside of the country.

Tourists are supposed to address their stay, consume food and shop around. These three aspects if provided to the economy on continuous basis even the slowest of the growths can be stimulated.

New Businesses:

As the economy has started to improve, there will be a high demand of entertainment and leisure industry. This demand will generate a need of new businesses to enter this industry.

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