Payroll management outsourcing has become of the most outsourced financial service in United States of America. It all began when managing a payroll became complicated and difficult because of imposition of various compliance and regulations by the governments. As a general rule, the more complex a value enabling activity is, the better it is to outsource it to a professional business firm. This outsourcing helps the organization to direct their full attention to value adding activity and deliver maximum value to the customers.

Our payroll processing services:

WeAccountax being a pioneer service provider in extensive range of payroll services. Following are the features of WeAccountax payroll services:

  • Expert opinion regarding health care related acts helps the company to abide by the regulations to be followed by the organization. Various organization with various sizes are supposed to follow certain regulations. A constant check on the organization prevents the organization from failing to meet the guidelines.
  • Various tax and payment compliances are to be met in order for the company to successfully operate a payroll. WeAccountax has an expert legal team which can provide consultancy regarding the guidelines to ensure that legal compliance pertaining to tax and payment is being met.
  • Full outsourcing of payroll reduces the administrative burden from the organization. Eventually freeing the capable leadership and human resource for the activities which can get company competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • Multi-option payment provides option to the company to choose the mode of payment for their payroll salary. Because often when one option fails then employer can opt for side options.
  • Our Expertise is not limited to any particular size of business. Various packages are offered for various sizes of business. Because depending on their human resource complexity and size of the business, WeAccountax can customize the package as per the needs of the business.

Payroll processing software:

WeAccountax is in partnership accounting services with multiple payroll processing software companies to provide remarkable services to their respective clients. Because WeAccountax understands the value of a renowned Payroll Specialist business partner in payroll industry.

Sage Payroll software:

Sage payroll software is an excellent choice for the companies who cannot establish their in-house erp software. The low priced user friendly software with multiple reports enable the organization to relish the best reporting and payroll processing benefits at the lowest affordable price.

Sage is a big name in accounting software. Best aspect about Sage Payroll software is that it is integratable with sage accounting module. Sage is one of the most popular software because it provides integration from payroll software to main accountancy software.

QuickBooks Payroll software:

QuickBooks just like Sage is another a big name in accounting software solutions for medium to small size companies. Affordable price, quick payroll processing and excellent in built reporting makes it one of the top choices for the payroll solutions.

QuickBooks accounting software can be integrated with payroll process software solution as an extension. This integration can save time and quickly transfer the payroll accounting entries into the system of QuickBooks automatically.


Paycycle is one of the first companies to launch online payroll services to their clients. This software has a capability to provide payroll services in all 50 states. It saves the organization a lot of time for calculating the salaries and working hours for their human resource. Affordability is one of the best features of this software. It stays in access for many small and medium size business yet providing world class payroll services.

Basic concept of Paycycle is to move payroll into a payless cost beneficial environment ultimate adding value to the business.

Intelligent software also has support for multi-state tax withholding slabs, making it easier for the organization to base an automatic system of payroll calculation.


Paychex is a very vast payroll solution extendable to a complete human resource business partner. Time and attendance module and business intelligence reporting is one of the best aspects of this software.

Further extendibility to other human resource module makes it one of the finest choice for small and medium size businesses.

Time and attendance services:

WeAccountax has an expert time of information technology which can provide time and attendance solutions to their respective clients. The ability to link the attendance and time to directly into payroll saves time and creates a strong control over the attendance of the employees. Because the organization which has strength of using integration between IT and payroll system is the future of payroll industry.

Further business intelligence reporting can also be based on time and attendance data. This will not only improve the short term profitability by improving the employee attendance but also add value into the business. Because of a punctuality culture being endorsed into the organization.

Time and attendance services can be based upon employee cards as well as biometric measures such as facial recognition and finger scanning. These devices can be linked to the payroll solutions directly importing the data into system for payroll calculation.

Why WeAccountax:

  • Online payroll services provided by WeAccountax exhibits affordability and accessibility to the client regardless of their size of business and area of locality. WeAccountax can provide their services anywhere in the world at the most affordable package.
  • WeAccountax multi-industry experience enhances their vision to support the payroll services being provided to various clients at various industry. Cross industry best practice can further add value to our client businesses.
  • WeAccountax partnership with leading payroll providers provide them with a direct communication with the original creator of the software. This communication link can be used to get priority post installation support for any issue which arises in the operation of the payroll processing.
  • Our expert team is well updated with the upcoming changing in the compliance and legislative orders pertaining to the payroll. WeAccountax helps the organization to cope up with the changing dynamics of payroll processing industry.
  • Our partnership with leading payroll solution providers provide us a platform to stay constantly updated about the latest technology for this service. Providing us a chance to introduce those innovation to the business wherever applicable.
  • Our vast payroll services and their inter-link can add synergetic value into our clients business further improving the payroll experience.
  • In case of any regulatory authority raising a query regarding their business, we can help our client draft an answer to satisfy the regulatory authority.
  • Our other accountancy and taxation services can further aid business by covering those aspect and their link with payroll processing as well. This would ensure that all aspects of the business are insured by a professionally qualified accountants.


Confidentiality emphasis of WeAccountax secures the data pertaining to payroll. As payroll information is most sensitive information of the business. Extra controls over these information is considered a strong point in our line of service because eventually it protects information leakage. Because in the age of information technology, information is company’s most valued asset

Payroll for Small Businesses:

Payroll services for small businesses is one of our specialty. Cheap payroll services provided by WeAccountax have always been client’s top choice. Our expertise especially in small business industry makes us one of the pioneers of payroll services in small and medium size businesses. Because dealing with small businesses requires a special mindset to successfully add value into the business without burdening the business.