Professional service providers are the exquisite skills and talents holders who excel in a particular field. In complicated legislative and technology oriented environment, it is essential for the business community to seek out consultancy from the professionals of that particular problem.

Sub sectors of professional sector:


Accounting services and audit firms are one of the most popular sub sector of professional service providers. In 2015, accounting firms generated $155.4 billion in revenue. These firms specialize in providing financial reporting, payroll services , audit and assurance services and tax related services to various industry. In 2014 it was estimated that 132,000 firms are operating in United States of America and employs 1.4 million professionals.

Virtual firms like, WeAccountax which specializes in providing accounting and taxation services through the means of online platform are modern day accounting firms with affordable and flexible business solutions. Their specialization is to deal with small businesses regardless of their industry. Their services include, Tax consultancy, online reporting software and support. WeAccountax is well aware of the legislative procedures required to start a business in United States of America. Their familiarity with the legal frameworks makes best choice for new businesses as well.

Architectural Services:

Architectural services are the architectural designing and map drawing services which constituted of $64.3 billion. Sector includes firms providing planning and designing services to nonresidential construction. In 2014 industry comprised of 21000 firms and 157,000 professionals were employed.


Engineering services is considered as one of the most specialized skills and services for the manufacturing and service sector. United States of amerce is leading the market in terms of research and development, which provides the engineering sector to innovate and market their services worldwide. In 2015, engineering contributed $205.4 billion in terms of revenue. Services include design, development, machine utilization, wastage reduction and business process re-engineering. Engineering firms are expert in feasibility studies which help the business owners to decide business related issues.

Engineering services in United States of America are of high quality and attract business from all over the world. World is lagging behind in technology, which makes the engineering core of this country more attractive and reliable for business worldwide.

Legal Services

America has evolved their political and legislative function over time and introduced more and more complex and comprehensive laws to deal with all the possible scenario pertaining to a certain issue. Law makers at United States of America have constructed a very balanced and comprehensive legal framework.

Businesses and individuals are in need of professional lawyers and barristers to gain professional guidance regarding the legal issues for themselves and their businesses.

They excel in defending a case in court on behalf of the client. Hiring a professional lawyer, helps client understand their situation better and lawyer can better assess the applicable laws to the situation. After analyzing the situation properly, Lawyers use the law in for the advantage of their client.