Registered Agent services are becoming a popular financial service in United States of America. Primarily because of legal obligation for the corporation and limited liability company to hold a Registered Agent legal address to receive all the legal notices on behalf of the company.

Why do businesses need registered agent?

Businesses need registered agent if the company has no physical location in the country, company must designate a registered agent to accept the legal documentation and notices on your behalf. The state in which business is operating is needs to know that there is a person in contact with you all times.

  • Businesses do not need to worry about missing out their legal documents. WeAccountax deliver 100% documents on time and without the worry of losing them.
  • Regardless of changing of physical location of the company, the registered legal remains the same.
  • Various states in United States of America has made it compulsory for the businesses to hold registered agent in the vicinity of USA. Having a registered agent can help the business to comply with this regulation and avoid operation cease and fine & penalties.

Why WeAccountax?

WeAccountax is expert in providing registered agent services. Our support for our client’s aboard based businesses is astonishing.

Our speed to provide registered office services to our valuable client is phenomenal. Quick services are our specialty as it enables our clients to accelerate their business operations in another country in no time.

WeAccountax provide proper consultancy to their clients regarding the documentation procedure. Often documentation is complicated and layman fails to submit all the documentation in first attempt. This not only increases the cost of submission but also burdensome the client with repair work.

WeAccountax other services such as virtual office services and business address can further add value to the business. Apart from this service, WeAccountax can combine with services such as accountancy and taxation to add value into the client’s business

$99 per year service:

Finding a registered agent services in United States of America can cost a company hundreds of US dollars. WeAccountax has introduced an affordable yet quality registered office service for their clients. Charging 99$ per year for all the states in United States of America has made WeAccountax as one of the top choices of every business Because often small businesses are looking for low price alternatives to fulfill a regulatory requirement.

In short, in terms of pricing or quality WeAccountax is an upcoming leader in all professional services including Registered Agent services in USA.