Accounting Technology Services sector, Media and telecommunication sector has emerged as an important aspect of any economy. TMT sector is a broad industry, it is always better to break it down into several sub segments to properly understand their operations and working.

Breaking down of TMT Sector:

Semiconductor Manufacturer

Semiconductors are foundation of technology industry. As more and more sophisticated hardware is being manufactured, technology is significantly improved. Semiconductors & integrated circuits are used in all sorts of modern appliances. United States of America is home to many semiconductors and integrated circuits leading companies. Better semiconductors and other hardware manufacturing establish a foundation for better software industry and technology.


Various companies are involved in making up to date hardware for the technology to groom and improve. Companies like IBM, APPLE and dell are consistently improving their computing technology to enter the new levels of imagination, excellence, speed and technology.


After hardware, software industry is the biggest contributor to the technology industry. Various companies relating to software has started off in America. For instance Microsoft is one of the biggest name in software industry.


Media industry develop, produce, write and distribute media content on television, radio, print and online. Various television networks are present in United States of America. Television is considered as the means of media because it has the highest viewership in the present days.


Telecommunication is a means of broadcasting information on a longer distance. Various organizations are working to better the telecom experience in United States of America. Internet, telephone and broadcast are the examples of telecommunication sub sector.

Dynamic Nature of TMT Industry

Research and development in this sector is astonishing. TMT is innovating on daily basis and companies are investing huge sums to revolutionizing the technology industry.

Research and Development Units:

All companies coming under the tag of technology media and telecommunication are investing and maintaining a huge research and development departments. This is the core strength of US TMT industry as constant revolution makes the capacity building of United States of America in other aspect way ahead of the world.

Often in extreme state of competition, investment in research and development is mainly the only reason of survival. Often companies out perform their competitors and economies outperform their competitors based on emphasis on research and development.

Competition from outside:

Competition from Asian countries in terms technology is alarming. Their cost effectiveness in terms of product manufacturing is astonishing. Cheaper availability to human resource is one of the biggest aspect which threats many sectors in United States of America. As far as TMT sector is concerned, USA’s lead in technology is astonishing. When it comes to innovation USA is by far leading the world of technology and certainly face minimum threat from the Chinese businesses currently like other business sectors.


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