United States of America economy is majorly driven by consumer and B2B transactions. In order to succeed in this sort of structurally market, transport accounting services is compulsory for the businesses to emphasize on their product placement i.e. transportation and logistics. Apart from specialized logistics and transportation companies, various multinationals are running their own transportation fleets. To excel in consumer driven market such as USA, business consider transportation as the most important aspect in terms of distribution channels and logistics.

Contribution in GDP:

Spending in logistics and transportation totaled up to $1.48 trillion in 2015. This contribution is 8% of the total GDP. Economists co-relate the growth in transportation and logistics sector directly with the growth of the economy.

As companies consider transportation as a variable cost. They expect it to fluctuate with the figures of production and delivery to the consumer market.Higher the growth in economy, higher will be the growth in transportation and logistics to meet the never ending demand of delivering the product at various customer points.

Type of Transportation in USA:

America is a huge country with its population dispersed in all corners. America has established a strong and properly linked transportation and logistics initiative which enable the businesses to reach their consumers at all corners of the country.

Air Freight

Air freight as evident from the title it the mode of transportation using airplanes or helicopters. Usually the strongest aspect of this mode of transportation is speed of delivery and to reach remote terrains where by road or rail transportation is difficult. Generally, it is considered expensive as compared to the other means of transport.


Business community finds railways as the most affordable means of land transport. In eyes of various management experts, companies transporting goods through railways can safe huge sum of money because of cost effectiveness particularly because of bulk land transportation.

Maritime Transport

Maritime transport is the mode of transport through water. It is relatively slower than air transportation. But affordably makes it as one of the top choices for the businesses to export their products outsideUSA.

Road Transport

Road transport is the most well connected means of transport in United States of America. Broad and well established road infrastructure in this country makes it as one of the best choices while transportation of goods at short distance. Flexibility and affordability makes road transport very convenient for the businesses.

Logistic Services

Logistic services include, inbound and outbound transportation of material, fleet management, warehousing management, material handling and planning and supply chain management. Complex organizational giants with complicated back and fro processes find it really hard to manage their material through the processes.These businesses have identified the best practices and established the software modules to excel at these services.


For transports and logistic organization business intelligence reporting along with financial reporting is one of the biggest needs. WeAccountax provides Xero accounting software bookkeeping services and financial services which matches the exact needs of this sector. Company initiative services and taxation services along with earlier mentioned services makes WeAccountax as one of the top choices of the company.