In the world of information technology businesses are trying to expand their existence to entire world. Trying to reach out for the wider customer base while trying to keep their cost of expanding to the minimum.

Virtual Office Concept:

Virtual office is a non-real office providing services of communication and address service for a certain fee without providing dedicated office space. It doesn’t require a business to hold a place at a certain rent physically. This is a cheaper option for the small businesses planning to start a business in USA because cost of operating a physical office is very high and often unnecessary for many businesses at earlier stage.

Benefits of Virtual Office:

  • Cost effective solution to penetrate a market which is distant from the physical existence of the client. Clients from Asia, Middle East etc. can complement their online presence with a virtual office.
  • Virtual office enhances trust between customers and company. Normally customers especially the business customers are looking into long term stable customer supplier relationships. Virtual office on all the communication with the customer ensures that organization is committed with long term relationship
  • Dealings with local suppliers improves significantly, when suppliers are certain of your local position on the communications.
  • Overall brand image improves a business can have a virtual office in one of top places in the world. People at certain part of the worlds are obsessed with brands originating from foreign countries. They are more likely to spend on these brands eventually generating sales.

Why WeAccountax


WeAccountax has dedicated packages of virtual office/ business company address services flexible to meet the needs of any business in USA. WeAccountax has wide range of services such as plain business address, mail forwarding services etc.


Despite flexibility WeAccountax presents transparent pricing system with each of the virtual office package. This enables the customer to make a better decision for organization. Because often companies target their customers with hidden charges and total cost is later own discovered.

Speed Processing:

Registering a virtual address is lengthy procedure. With right documentation and contacts WeAccountax can accelerate the process and ensure that the organization receives its business address in minimum time. Time is considered as the most valuable aspect in business community. WeAccountax respects that notion and ensures quick services to their valuable clients. Because often slow notice delivery can cost company huge fortune in form of fines and permanent ban from operations.

On Time Mail Forwarding:

Mails often contain important information and needs to be responded quickly. Our scan and send mode of communication is quickest way of sending the mails to the relevant organization. Later on, original mail is forwarded as well. This helps the organization to prepare for the reply beforehand and respond as quickly as possible.